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Guys Need Protection Too!

Guys Need Protection Too! Jewelry keychain is a copper plated case which holds Tiger's Eye, Rainbow Obsidian, Clear Crystal Quartz, Black Tourmaline.


Stunning Wedding Jewelry

Stunning Wedding Jewelry

Find trendy, unique, regal wedding jewelry sets for the bride and her bridal party at reasonable prices!


Choose A Free Gift!

Choose A Free Gift!

Help yourself to a free gift when you make a purchase of over $50 USD.

Stylish Mens Accessories

Stylish Mens Accessories

Shop for a variety of accessories and spiritual items for men.


Princess Friendship Bracelet
Princess Friendship Choker
Cranberry Coral Earrings
Cranberry Coral Bracelet
Cranberry Coral Necklace
Cranberry Coral Jewelry Set
Princess Friendship Earrings
Princess Friendship Jewelry Set
Purple Protection Earrings
Fortunate (ENHANCED Jade) Stretch Bracelet
Peridot Stud Earrings
Silver Shell Jewelry Jewelry Set
Silver Shell Necklace
Silver Shell Bracelet
Silver Shell Earrings
Silver Shell Necklace (closer spaced beads)

    Spiritual Accessories & More!

    Check out our selection of Costume Jewelry & Fine Artwear with Spiritual Purpose:

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